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Mecklermedia Joins Protest

February 7, 1996, Westport, CT--Mecklermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: MECK), the leading source for the Internet, producers of Internet World events and publisher of Internet World, Web Week, and Web Developer and producer of the popular iWORLD site on the Internet's World Wide Web, will join hundreds of other organizations by turning its Web pages black in protest of the Communications Decency Act, part of the Telecommunications Competition and Deregulation Act, which President Clinton is scheduled to sign. Many publishers feel the act is an affront to free speech and U.S. First Amendment rights.

For 48 hours after President Clinton signs the bill, hundreds of pages on the World Wide Web, including those of media giant Time-Warner, will join the "Fade to Black" campaign and sport a black background in protest of the controversial and likely unconstitutional Communications Decency Act (CDA). An amendment to the Telecommunications Act, the CDA prohibits so-called "indecent" material from being transmitted over the Internet. It is already being challenged by organizations on and off the Internet.

"We believe current laws on free expression and free speech can be applied to the Internet. These laws are strong enough to protect the interests of American families and that special legislation for the Internet is not needed," said Alan Meckler, chairman and CEO.

"The CDA would make the United States one of the most restrictive nations in the world in terms of freedom of expression, behind countries like Iraq and the People's Republic of China," said Internet World senior editor Andrew Kantor, "Is this what America is supposed to be about?"

"iWORLD believes in the First Amendment. The CDA attempts to repeal our Constitutional rights to free speech and free press on the Internet," said Tristan Louis, publisher of Mecklermedia's iWORLD Web site. "As a result, we are happy to announce our involvement in the 'fade to black' protest."

Mecklermedia Corporation, based in Westport, Connecticut, is the leading provider of Internet information through its publications Internet World, Web Week, and Web Developer, and its Internet World Trade Shows, Web Developer Seminars, and iWORLD Web site,