(WESTPORT, CT-May 8, 1997) -- Mecklermedia's (Nasdaq: MECK), today announced the winners of the first annual Java Boutique Applet Awards (, honoring the best Java applets that enhance and improve the features of Web sites. Sponsored by Symantec, Java Boutique received over 200 nominations internationally for Java applets in six different categories, some of which can be viewed and are available to download from the Java Boutique Web site. The overall winner received a version of Visual Café Database Developer's Edition and each category winner received a copy of Symantec's Visual Café Professional Developer's Edition.

The winners and developers included:

OVERALL: DellasTreeApplet/Robert Della Mava
GAMES: Gopher/Pat Friedl
AUDIO: ImageAudio/Kathiawadi Geetha
EDUCATIONAL: arith24/Huahai Yang
UTILITY: DellasTreeApplet/Robert Della Mava
VISUAL: JavaDraw/Vincent Zimmermann
TEXT: NewsScroller/Edward A. Graham, Jr.

"We wanted to identify some high quality applets and promote the efforts of developers," commented Scott Clark, technical director of Java Boutique. "The contest was an effective way to accomplish these goals."

Java Boutique ( is a leading directory of Java applets available to Web developers for use on Web sites. It currently houses more than 200 working applets, along with instructions for downloading and including them in other Web pages. Java Boutique is a part of's developer network, which includes,,, and Collectively, these sites received more than 5.5 million page views in April 1998.

Those interested in advertising opportunities available on Java Boutique can contact Susan Leiterstein, publisher,, at 203-341-2962 or [email protected].

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