(WESTPORT, CT - May 12, 1998) -- Mecklermedia, The Internet Media Company's (Nasdaq: MECK) network of Web sites, introduces The XML Files, featuring XML, the latest, cutting edge technology extending the power of the Web on

"XML (eXtensible Markup Language) allows Web pages to be designed in a custom language," said David Fiedler, editor-in-chief of's "The implications are tremendous, especially for companies or designers who want their Web sites to have an advanced look without complex coding."

The centerpiece of The XML Files is a regular series by Internet veteran Nate Zelnick, the "Under Development" columnist of Internet World, Mecklermedia's news weekly publication. Zelnick's column will provide sample code that enables developers to create their own XML files. The XML Files also feature original articles from other sites, ranging from tutorials in WDVL (Web Developer's Virtual Library) to Technical Director Scott Clark's hands-on guide to XML in Among the more advanced links in The XML Files are parsers, free software processors that can be used to create the most advanced XML designs.

XML beginners and veterans will want to add the URL to their browser bookmarks to keep up with all of the latest developments in this exciting new technology.

Mecklermedia Corporation, based in Westport, Connecticut, is a leading provider of Internet information through its Internet World trade shows, Internet World weekly print publication and network of Web sites at, which provides daily news and information resources for the Internet community. Mecklermedia also publishes the ISDEX, the only 100% Internet stock index featuring 50 leading companies at Mecklermedia's global presence includes Internet World trade shows and licensed publications throughout Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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