WebMediaBrands Career Opportunities - Editorial

Job Title:  Senior Editor, mediabistro
Location:  New York, NY

   mediabistro.com is seeking a Senior Editor, who is passionate about media, and wants to take a lead role in helping to further develop this online community of media professionals. This position is open in our Midtown Manhattan office, and is a significant career building opportunity.

The senior editor should be experienced in Web publishing; understanding and applying the necessary tools and applications to drive Website traffic. This includes a proficiency of current social networking tools with an eye toward future developments and emerging technologies

The senior editor will serve as the de facto publicity/communications manager of the editorial team, ensuring that news, scoops, and original content get seen/circulated to/picked up by as many readers and media industry colleagues as possible.

The senior editor should know mediabistro.com inside and out, coming in with a deep knowledge of the site and its content, as well as an innate understanding of its potential when communicated clearly and frequently — yet judiciously — to others with an interest in republishing/commenting upon or responding to its content.

  • Responsible for a majority of assigning, planning and editing mediabistro.com's editorial features, reporting to the Editorial Director, and supervising associate editor
  • Assigning feature-length articles to freelancers at the rate of at least one new AG article published to the site per day and meeting with our Director of Membership regularly to assess AG feature viability
  • Managing the freelance editorial budget, maximizing quantity and quality of content while keeping costs within assigned parameters
  • Creating, developing and executing themed articles and micro-series that speak to media industry trends across all of mediabistro.com's verticals
  • Editing and writing sparkling, saleable display copy and brief yet lucid headlines that entice readers
  • Vetting interview questions to ensure they encompass interests of a majority of mediabistro.com readers and are suitably high-level, while troubleshooting story problems
  • Deep knowledge of and keen interest in media personalities and rising stars

  • College degree
  • 6+ years editorial experience
  • experienced in Web publishing, and having proven success applying the necessary tools and applications to drive Website traffic
  • proficient with current social networking tools, and possessing an eye toward future developments and emerging technologies
  • complete knowledge of mediabistro.com inside and out, including the site and its content

About Us:   mediabistro.com is a passionate community of media professionals that has grown over 13 years with tremendous good will. We're a small, fast growing, profitable company with offices in Manhattan. Mediabistro.com is a division of WebMediaBrands Corporation.

Our Vision:   A vibrant place for creative and content industry professionals (media people) to come for fulfillment of their professional aspirations and social needs. A crossroads of commerce, marketplaces and career paths; a center of teaching; a source of inspiration and fun that generates a shared identity and feeling of connectedness between media people and their chosen profession.

  We offer competitive compensation commensurate with experience, along with a very generous benefit package that includes medical/dental/vision/life/disability insurance, paid vacation/sick/personal/company holidays.

Interested candidates should email resumes to [email protected]