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New York, NY (February 12, 2009) - Mediabistro, a division of Jupitermedia (NASDAQ:JUPM) today announced the launch of a new feature on its Mobile Devices Today blog ( called "Mobile Gadget Spotlight."

"Mobile devices range in size from thumbnail sized RFID chips to notebook behemoths with 17-inch LCD displays" stated Alan M. Meckler, CEO of Jupitermedia. Almost all of these gadgets are interesting. But, with so many mobile gadgets available, how do you decide which ones should get that little extra attention, research and maybe even your hard earned money? Once a month, Mobile Devices Today's editors Todd Ogasawara and Bryan Barletta each place the spotlight on the gadget that caught their attention during the past 30 days. Todd will spotlight gadgets mid-month while Bryan's gadget spotlight hits near the end of each month. Join Todd and Bryan daily on to learn about the latest in mobile device technology and then try to see if you agree with their spotlight picks each month."

Mediabistro also covers the mobile space with two additional blogs: and

In addition Mediabistro twice per year runs the fast growing mobile trade show:

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