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Online Education

Mediabistro offers the premier continuing education program for professionals across all media disciplines, including social media, digital media, journalism, creative writing, marketing, and public relations. Online education and events combine the concepts of a large-scale conference and a small-group educational workshop in one offering that takes place online. Participants interact with each other and with conference presenters and instructors via webcasts and an online classroom that includes discussion forums, homework assignments, group participation, and one-on-one feedback from an advisor. Courses are taught by top-level industry leaders.

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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs in social media, digital journalism, digital marketing, copy editing, ad copy writing, and public relations take students through a complete training curriculum and provide a certified stamp of approval from Mediabistro, the leader in media education.

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Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced courses offer a robust curriculum for students who want to learn independently. Students guide themselves through rich multimedia courses including video, written lessons, quizzes, assignments, and resource lists.

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