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WebMediaBrands' Inside Network Research Announces New Study
"Inside Virtual Goods: Spending and Usage Patterns of the Social and Mobile Gaming Audience 2012"

San Francisco, CA - March 13, 2012 - WebMediaBrands Inc., (Nasdaq:WEBM) today announced the latest report of the Inside Network (a division of WebMediaBrands Inc.,) study series entitled "Inside Virtual Goods: Spending and Usage Patterns of the Social and Mobile Gaming Audience 2012," a new original study focused on spending and usage patterns in the social and mobile gaming market by co-authors Justin Smith and Charles Hudson.

"As the virtual goods market continues to grow in 2012, our study focuses on emerging patterns of player usage and spending behavior -- specifically in the mobile and social segments of the virtual goods market," says Justin Smith, founder of Inside Network.

"We expect the market in virtual goods in mobile games in the U.S. to hit the $500 million mark in 2012, up from $350 million in 2011. Understanding spending and behavior patterns in this segment of the market is key," adds Charles Hudson, co-author of the Inside Virtual Goods research series.

Inside Virtual Goods: Spending and Usage Patterns of the Social and Mobile Gaming Audience 2012 presents an in-depth view of player behavior and spending patterns in the social gaming market at this critical juncture in the intersection of social networking, mobile applications, and online games.

Inside Virtual Goods: Spending and Usage Patterns of the Social and Mobile Gaming Audience 2012 focuses on the following areas:

1. Spending Habits and Payment Methods in Top Games - It's easy to compare games based on audience numbers but this research details how spending patterns compare across top social and social games including which games monetize better, payment methods popularity in top games and how the shift to credits affects player behavior.

2. Frequency of Play and Methods of Game Discovery - As Facebook cuts down on developer access to viral channels, and cracking iOS and Android discovery continues to increase in complexity, the study breaks down which games people play most frequently, and which methods of game discovery are most effective for top games.

3. Demographic Differences by Region, Age, and Gender - The investigation takes an in depth look to the increasingly global social and mobile gaming markets, the diverse audience by age and gender to differentiate how audience segments differ by spend and usage patterns inside social and mobile games.

4. Brand Recall - The importance of brands is studied to gauge how well users identify developers of top games and the effect of brand recalls amongst social game players.

Smith and Hudson's research is based on nearly 3,000 players of social games on Facebook, iOS, and Android from around the world and across the demographic spectrum.

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